In Person Training

I live and work in Boca Raton, Florida and have a limited number of slots available on a first come-first serve basis.  If you are interested in working with me live, message me for details.

Online Training Academy

Today's technology offers capabilities that have revolutionized the health and wellness industry.  From online skype phone and video conferencing to live streaming workouts and video libraries, distance and schedule need not be the limiting factor in you achieving your goals.  Let me use my experience and expansive toolbox to assist you in succeeding beyond your wildest dreams.  Message me for details.

Remote Training

I can provide custom tailored workouts and nutritional strategies  directly to your email inbox.  Receive bi-weekly or monthly telephone consultations to review progress.  Message me for details.



I use a proprietary algorithm that takes into account body type, lifestyle, activity levels, current body composition and goals to calculate the precise ratio of macro-nutrients required for you to reach and sustain your ideal health and physique.

Whole Food Meal Plans

For those that prefer to use whole food approach in their meal prep and planning, I am well-versed on a wide variety of healthy, nutritious and creative food options to create a diet consistent with your lifestyle and goals.  Who said look and feeling fabulous can't be delicious?


Our food supply lacks a large percentage of the nutrients it once contained even 20 years ago.  Add to that a busy lifestyle and it can be almost impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the go.  I promote only what I would put into my own body, and what I give to my family.  I have access to the very best products and product lines on the market today.  Supplementation is a huge part of my own success as an athlete, bikini competitor, busy mom and liver of life.  Allow me to assist you in selecting the products that best compliment your lifestyle and goals.



I am available for seminars in person and online using phone and video conferencing. I am currently developing a series of seminars on health related topics on nutrition, training and lifestyle. Message me for details.


Do you have a project or group in need of an expert?  Do you have more problems and questions than answers and solutions?  I am versatile on a broad range of topics from health and wellness, business, lifestyle and mindset.  I bring over 15 years experience as a fitness professional, corporate sales-person and small business owner.  I am excited to assist you in producing your best results.  Please contact me for consulting inquiries.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking to groups of all sizes is my passion.  Bringing my unique message of health, wellness, empowerment and human potential with energy, vitality and inspiration is what I'm all about. I am upbeat, positive, entertaining, and informative.  Allow me to assist you in turning your event into something educational, exciting and something to remember. Message me for details.

Ala Carte


Allow me to design a comprehensive program to help you reach your goals.

I have a wide array of tools at my disposal to help meet your goals, needs and preferences.  If what you are looking for is not offered in my standard packages, feel free to message me.  Together we can create a custom solution to help you achieve your best you.  Message me to setup a time to collaborate.

Winners Circle

I'm always excited to hear stories of how you overcame, reached your goals & inspired others.  Feel free to submit your stories and I'll post my favorite ones here.


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