It’s All About the Details

“I was already eating clean and watching my food intake when I started working with Rachel.   She helped me find the right macronutrient combination for me, and helped me break through that plateau.  Who knew you could make this significant of changes in just 10 days!?  Thank you, Rachel!”   – Brooke M.


Eat more?  Ok, coach.

I must brag on my Coach, Rachel Stanley for a little bit. She has completely transformed my body into something it has never been in 37 years.  With a superfood nutritional program and her vast knowledge of nutrition and macros, she has slimmed my figure down 6 sizes, 32.5 inches and a total of 21 lbs. In 3 months, my body fat percentage went from 22% to 18%. In that same time frame, I only lost 4 lbs. Rachel was able to break down my macros to specifically fit my body type and the goals that I wanted to achieve. When Rachel broke down my caloric intake she said to me…”You’re not eating enough calories!” What?!  I kept thinking, I’m trying to lose weight and inches and she wants me to eat more. So eat more I did. She gave me a list of foods that was conducive to achieving my goals, reaching the 1900 calories a day she set for me and to meet my macro gram goals. There was so much to choose from in order to not get bored of eating the same things every day. She had me download an app so I was empowered.  She also stayed on top of my food intake. If I didn’t get enough calories in one day, you better believe I had a text message the following morning asking “What happened yesterday?” She gave me accountability. She helped me stick to my goals. I have mental clarity and focus. I am more patient with my 3 boys and husband. I feel amazing! I can honestly say I will continue to work with Rachel on my goals. Her nutritional knowledge and accountability has surpassed anything I could have ever asked for or imagined! Thank you, Rachel! – Amber R.


I weigh less now that I did when I pregnant with my first kid!

-Melanie C.


Calorie Burning Machine!

“My athletic endurance has dramatically increased in a short period of time since I started using these nutritional products with Rachel’s coaching.  Previously, I couldn’t break the 440’s at my Orange Theory workouts.  Tonight I logged 593 calories burned!  It’s only been a short 5-6 weeks, with a 2 week vacation in there!  Two people in the last two days have asked “Have you lost weight?”, which I have, but not in a large amount.  This nutrition plan is helping me get leaner and get more out of my workouts.  Thank you for your guidance and coaching, Rachel.”      – Lucy M.


Your help has been life-changing!

The results I have experienced as a result of Rachel’s coaching have been truly outstanding. She assessed me virtually, accounting for my weight and dietary habits and prepared a shopping list and weekly meal guide that I was able to incorporate affordably. Within the first twelve (12) days of following Rachel’s direction, I went from a weight of 234 lbs down to 222 lbs.  That was a loss of 12 lbs.  My progress continues and as of this writing I am hovering around 216 lbs.  Thank you Rachel, your help has been life-changing!  – Hugh S.