Commonly asked Questions

I'm not local, can you still help me?

Absolutely!  I have clients all over the country that I assist on a regular basis.  I use phone, email, video conferencing and instant message to stay in touch with clients.

I'm a beginner. Can you work with me?

Yes! I was once a beginner too and I haven't forgotten what that feels like.  I've also started over after injury, auto accident and having a baby.  I am experienced and certified to work with people of all ages and fitness levels.

What qualifies you to be my coach?

That's a great question and something I take very seriously.  I have worked very hard to educate myself and offer the best information, knowledge and expertise to my clients.  Aside from my background in multiple sports and my competition experience as an athlete in the NPC and NGA, I am an ISSA Certified Master Trainer.  This designates that I hold multiple certifications including CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), SFN (Specialist in Fitness Nutrition) and SET (Specialist in Exercise Therapy).

Do your clients typically hire you for both their training and nutrition needs?

Yes, no, maybe so.  I offer custom tailored programs to suit the needs and preferences of each client.  During our comprehensive phone consultation,  I am happy to discuss all the available options. I excel  in creating unique customized programs that fit your goals and lifestyle.

What's the next step?  How do I get started?

I offer a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation to all new prospective clients to discuss their lifestyle, goals and commitment level to customize a program that best suits their needs and preferences. I will answer any questions you may have about the process so you can make an educated decision in your best interest.  Together we win!