My Story

The photo to the left was a top 5 placing in a national competition, against a fiercely competitive field of amazing and dynamic ladies. I've been there, done that and got the hardware in my trophy case as they say.  I've achieved the physique many women dream about and I'm proud to say that I've worked darn hard for it.  But that's only half the story.

At the time that I did this show it was very much last minute.  I had spent two years going through a handful of the industries "top coaches" with very mixed results.  I was injured following what I now know to be a totally inappropriate training regimen given to me by one of these "top coaches." Like a good soldier and teammate I had been blindly following the orders of my trainer, when deep down I knew something was off.

The injury, and the several month lay off was the last straw.  I decided to listen to my own body, my intuition and advice.  I knew from talking to some of the other girls that the "custom plan" I had paid a lot of money for was the same plan several other girls were getting.  I knew the math well enough to know that the numbers just didn't add up and I felt like death.  I had enough experience to know that this wasn't right for me, my body or my sanity.

I knew that if my nutrition was spot on, I wouldn't have to resort to drastic measures in training and even the drugs I knew some of my fellow competitors were doing.  I refused to stoop to this and I had also started to notice how many competitors were doing some really unhealthy rebounding after competitions.  Girls gaining 20-30 pounds in a week.  I only gained 25 pounds during my entire pregnancy. That just seemed to go against everything I believed about your body being a manifestation of a healthy lifestyle and philosophy.

The photo above was the result of my philosophy, that encompasses 85% nutrition, the best and safest training I could achieve with the limited amount of time available to me as a busy business owner, and keeping myself mentally and emotionally balanced and healthy in the process.

Now maybe you have zero desire to step on stage or be a competitor. But like many of you I've thumbed through the pages of magazines and dreamed that I could achieve a body like that.  I took the next step and went out there and actually did it.  I've learned a ton in the process and I'd like to share my experiences with you as your coach.

I know first hand how life altering and empowering transformation can be and I'm passionate about sharing my experience and helping others.  It wasn't long after this photo was taken that I was inspired to take the leap.  It took a tremendous amount of courage and faith but I left a 6-figure corporate sales position to follow my true passion, assisting others in their journey as a full-time health and wellness coach.  I also married the man of my dreams, bought a home, and had a beautiful baby boy.  WOW! That's the power of transformation.  It's a ripple effect that touches every corner of your life, and the lives of everyone around you.  I learned so much from this experience of competing, with all it's ups and downs, and I was able to overcome all the misinformation, dead-ends and industry pitfalls.  I knew in my heart there was a better, healthier way and I'm dedicated to passing on the knowledge and wisdom to assist others in achieving the healthiest version of themselves.

It's time for us women to start being honest with each other about our bodies and self image and stop buying into the non-sense being sold to us by an industry that cares little about our well-being and more about dollars than integrity.

There are many different avenues to achieve these kind of results. Most are totally unbalanced and unhealthy.  Of course they aren't going to tell you this.  Not when your money is up for grabs. They trade short terms results for long term ramifications but who cares? After all, we're bulletproof and going to live forever, right?  If you've tried in the past and failed, and thought that you were weak, or not committed, or just didn't have what it takes, maybe you were spinning your wheels in a program or methodology that was doomed to fail.

There is great sacrifice to achieve anything worth while, but we have to be honest about the true cost of doing business.  I'm here to tell you that you can have the body of your dreams, without compromising your mental, emotional or physical health. The first step is being honest about your goals and creating a system that sets you up to succeed, not fail.

Realize that you can train hard, or you can train smart.  It's high time as empowered women we stop reading advice from 22 year olds, who spend 4 hours a day in the gym, another 4 on Instagram and think that what works for her is going to work for a 34 year old business woman trying to lose 40 pounds after her second child, while working a full time job and raising a family.  Not taking anything away from the 22 year old, but if I could reach back and talk to my 22 year old self, let me tell you sister....Unhealthy and unbalanced approaches lead to metabolic damage, injuries and a slowed metabolism that make it that much harder to achieve results. I deal with the results of these unbalanced approaches with a majority of my clients on a daily basis.  This is common sense. At least it should be.

As a full time mother, wife, small business owner, entrepreneur, and former corporate sales professional working 6 figure, high pressure accounts, I've been there.  I've also been in the fitness industry for over 15 years.  Long enough to know the difference between fad and fashion, what sells and what works.

Allow me to guide you on your journey.  After all, we're in this together.  The only thing greater than stepping on stage and knowing that I did it, is knowing that I have assisted another human being on their journey to becoming the best version of themself.

In love and support

Coach Rachel


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